Jack Baker Candle Co.

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Perfect hand poured soy candles. An artisanal candle, that captivates your home with aromas that last. Thoughtfully designed vessels that compliment your unique style and space. The use of clean, safe ingredients only. Hand poured in small batches, Jack Baker candles are made with vegan, paraben free soy wax, and blended with essential oil based fragrances. No nasties ever.

Hot Mom $h!t ~ Champagne | Pomelo Citrus | Squad 

Boyfriend Jeans ~ Cedarwood | Tobacco | Cologne 

Iridescent Sea ~ Black Coral | Eucalyptus | Sea Mist 

Audrey ~ Lily Nectar | Fresh Cut Peonies | Tiffany’s 

Santa Baby ~ Boozy Nog | Vanilla Cream | Crimson Velvet 

Yosemite ~ Mountain Air | Blue Spruce | Juniper